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MADE A 30 DAY SEPTEMBER FITNESS CHALLENGE COLLAGE FOR ALL OF YOU! I’ve done this 3 months in a row and love making this for all of you and also for myself.

For the last challenge if you can’t do the deadlifts because you don’t attend a gym then just do squats instead! And for the pull ups instead you can pick something else (If you don’t go to a gym) to do like 50 push-up!

Enjoy the challenge and I know it might be hard for some people because school is starting but make time for working out! You can do it and don’t make excuses!! This is your time to shin and show everyone how strong you are. GOODLUCK MY FRIENDS :)

ooooooooo this is perfecy

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“Acting is not about being someone different. It’s finding the similarity in what is apparently different, then finding myself in there

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It’s pretty sad that you can’t go to a party without at least half of the people there playing a game on their phone. And if you find someone willing to socialize, the conversation will not be without them texting or also playing a game on their phone when there is a lull. You look like a freshman in the corner on your phone the whole time. Gotta love society. Looks like I’m hanging out with my Mom the whole summer!